Coloured Finish

Glazetek Systems a complete range of RAL colours to choose from for your requirements.

Aluminium Systems  will have the profiles powder coated. The Powder coating acts a protective layer on the profile.You can also have Glossy or Textured in various colours.

UPVC profiles are available in various colours also.

Wood Finish

For the antique and rich look, we have special Wood Coatings which gives your window/door that exclusive look you desired for.We have various options in wood finish to meet your needs..

This option is available for Aluminium as well as uPVC systems.


This option is available only for Aluminium systems.
Metallic finish is achieved through Anodisation. We have a range of metallic finishes for you to choose from.. Anodisation helps Aluminium in corrosion resistance and reduces heat conduction.

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